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What is GCEA ?
The Glendale City Employees' Association is the oldest organization among Glendale City employees. Founded in 1934, it is independent, self-governing and has had many years of experience in getting results for its members.

What Can GCEA do for you ?
GCEA prides on-the-job representation to assure job protection, competitive salaries, better fringe benefits, grievance representation, and improved retirement benefits.

How is the GCEA run?
GCEA is run for member by members. The members elect the President, Vice-President and Directors, whom all serve unpaid two-year terms. The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoints the staff of the Association.

Why you should join the GCEA?
To help yourself and your fellow co-workers, get better protection and fringe benefits. One voice or a small group can be ignored, but combined effort of all employees working together will bring more strength to our Association

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Verizon Wireless Discount Eligibility

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Guidelines and application for wage scholarship
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Please submit application to the GCEA office for selection process


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