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613 E Broadway, Suite 140            Office Phone: (818) 548-3985
Glendale, CA 91206                      (Office Manager-Evette Makary)
Fax Number:  (818) 242-8710
          Office Hours:      Monday thru Thursday: 
                                  8:00am to 6:30pm
President:           Gayle Stockton         (818) 669-0363
Vice President:    Orlando Urquidez      (818) 550-3410

The GLENDALE CITY EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION provides job-related representation to the full-time, non-management employees of the City of Glendale, California, to assure job protection, competitive salaries and benefits including, retirement and health insurance.  We also ensure that employees are well represented in the grievance process. Membership begins upon becoming employed full time, and dues are paid through paycheck deduction.

Founded in 1934, the Association is independent, self-governing, and is experienced in getting the best possible results for its members. 

The GCEA is operated by the members, for the members.  The president, vice president and the directors are elected by the members and serve unpaid two-year terms.  Office staff is appointed by the president and serves the employees at the office location.


Advantages of Membership

The GCEA has contracts with professional labor-management representatives whose services include analyzing salary surveys and job classification specifications; personal consultation and representation to all members on job related issues, including consultation and representation for employees in the grievance process and Civil Service matters and professional representation during contract negotiations to assist us in maintaining the best possible benefits for the employees.

Guidelines and application for wage scholarship
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(MS Word Document)

Please submit application to the GCEA office for selection process



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